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Jan 17 10 10:29 PM

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When I choose Wii Sports Resort from the USB loader gx menu instead of playing the game it just goes back to the Wii Menu. Help would be appreciated.

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Jan 24 10 6:45 PM

Re: Wii Sports Resort

Anyone have more detailed thoughts on how to get resort working... it is really the only game i'm having an issue with. I have tried both PAL and NTSC versions of the game, and can only get the M+ video menu to come up (using alt dol). I've watched each of the videos in entirety, the clicked on the return to game button, where it crashes and loads back to the wii menu (like it is supposed to i think). Hoever, i still get black screen/locked up wii every time i try to load the game with alt dol off. I've deleted the save data, deleted usb loaders .cfg files, am running the most current version of loader gx, and have done everything i can think of and everything i could find in searches (i must be missing something). Help troubleshooting would be much appreciated!

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Feb 6 10 1:25 AM

Re: Wii Sports Resort

Here is what works:

1-download WiiScrubber (Search google)
2- Download and install Neogamma R6(Search google)
3- Load Wii sport resort in WiiScrubber and navigate to partition1/sys/mpls_movie/
Right click and Extract "player.dol" , Rename it RZTE.dol (for USA)
4-Make a folder on your SD card called NEOGAMMA , then put the dol in it
5-Load NEOGAMMA While holding 1, then go to Config Options and change the following:
002 Fix Yes and "Alternate dol" to SD. Then set "Save Config" to YES
6-Load the game whether you burned it or from USB & watch the Wii Motion video TILL THE END,then press A the wii will restart
Note: i am using USB Loader GX but you have to install NEOGAMMA so that the movie can run. So after step 6 i uninstalled NEOGAMMA and loaded it normally from USB Loader GX with 002 Fix "ON" and it worked OR if U are using NEOGAMMA already then you have to do the following step
7- Go to "Config options" and turn "Alternate dol" to OFF
hope this works for you

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Feb 17 10 3:02 AM

Re: Wii Sports Resort

Okay, so to close the loop on this... this is what i had to do. My laser had quite working so i replaced and then performed the steps in the readmii. magic.

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