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Welcome to Forumer.com - the largest forum hosting company, with tens of millions of users and over 1 million forums created.

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This is an example post in your phpBB3 installation. You may delete this post, this topic and even this category, if you like, since everything seems to be working!

In addition to the direct full URL, your forum can also be accessed through either one of these short URLs (easy to share the link with your friends):


Here are some vital ingredients for building a successful community:

1) Login to the Admin Panel, go through all tabs, add a few subforums (categories), maybe select a more unique skin to etc.
2) Marketing is King! You must now get the word out about your community. Request all your friends (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc) to join your community. (Don't forget to follow Forumer on Twitter)
3) Once you have some registered users, start optimizing the look and content of your forum. Start compelling discussions and see your community flourish.
4) Another suggestion is to visit FORUMER HEADQUARTERS from time to time. (fHQ is full of loyal Forumers who regularly share tips and tricks, provide 24/7 support etc)

The Forumer Team provides you with cutting edge technology that is simple to use and will help you successfully grow your online community.

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Best of Luck,
Limez & Forumer Team